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Welcome, this site is a tribute to the beauty of life.

There is honesty here and the emotional aspects of baring one's self that is essential to understanding. I wish to thank all of those with whom I collaborate.

Plato's Republic uses shadows projected on a wall as a possible reality. Rather naively perhaps, I take that to heart and believe very much in the power of shadows to communicate. Likewise, I am influenced by Spinoza, especially his examination of God and Nature. The imagery and eloquence in 'Oriental Tales' by Marguerite Yourcenar moves me deeply. And, while I enjoy the world of ideas, it is visual images which seem to communicate most clearly my sense of identity. is the strongest influence in my passion to express how I see myself and the world through photography.

My site is for reflection and enjoyment fundamentally.

If you are interested in commissioning me or would like to include my photography in your collection, please write me at
Thanks for visiting.

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