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A few words about my photography:
I came to photography to express my sense of being and photograph sincerely what I value.

The people I photograph have my thanks and respect. While my Portrait gallery is essentially photographs of women, I am quite keen to photograph men - sadly, it is often rather difficult to find them.

My photography is personal and expresses my sense of Nature in the universal meaning. I am happy to read your emails and would enjoy hearing from you. My email is

Special thanks to my wife, children, models and my friend Patrick - without whom this site would not be possible - also to Xavier at Eurodns Luxembourg for hosting my site

Technical information
Mamiyaflex 40 year old twins lens cameras with 65mm, 105mm, 180mm lenses. The cameras are without electricity or light meters.
Linhof Master Technika 9x12.7cm field camera (40 years old) and lenses: 90, 150, 210 and 360mm.
Polaroid (22 years old). One button photos with lovely colours in long exposures. I find Polaroid film especially lovely with my Linhof 9x12cm or even with a 9x12cm pinhole camera.
Canon 5D Mark II a great digital camera (with 21 megapixels) and the 24-70 f2.8 L, 70-200 f2.8 L lenses) - digital photography can be really rewarding.
Fujichrome diapositive and Ilford black and white films, metering sunlight with an incident/reflective Gossen Luna Pro F meter.
Some images here are from contact sheets or prints where the original film is no longer available (the madness of throwing out your own images...only to regret it later)

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