About Me

I came to photography to express my sense of Nature and how we are part of everything that is.

My photography became a therapy after my wife’s death from a breast cancer in 2019. Creating these images is essential for my healing and I am grateful to the women and men involved for their help and creativity.

With my images, I want to celebrate our Earth, Emotion, Women, and most importantly honour my beloved wife.

About My Work

The Photoshoots

I want my photography to be the most pure possible. I don’t do any Photoshop retouching, except playing with contrast range and colour balance etc; the traditional darkroom workflow.

I ask to my models to not having makeup on, and no artificial nails / lashes. I really want to express their own power and emotion, in the most sincere way.

The material

M11 and the M10 Monochrom.

Phase One
I have a unique lensless Zone Plate camera with IQ3 100mp sensor as well as the incredible XF IQ4 150mp.

This equipment enables me to offer the best image quality, specially for prints.